Why I Like Having A Poor Memory

Having been chided for most of my life for having a poor memory, I’ve found it comforting recently to know that in some ways it can actually be beneficial. It’s been nice being able to forget some less than amazing memories while the more special ones stick around for a while. Previously I had only viewed my memory as a negative, a sieve that lets everything through, regardless of content. The more I’ve considered it, though, the more I recognize that it’s there and working, just that it only likes to keep certain memories near the top and more easily accessible.

And because of my computer background, it may help to explain my memory with a simple *pointers analogy. It’s as if my mind keeps an array of pointers to the actual memories. And it’s also as if this array has many of these pointers missing, leaving unrecoverable memory. However, unlike computer memory, usually with a simple reminder that pointer can be reestablished and the memory works as intended. So, while it’s not a complete memory it isn’t completely worthless either.

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