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Accessing web service through local network

For work, my current task is to create an iPhone application that consumes an .asmx Web Service. After building a very rudimentary Web Service using Visual Studio 2008, I published it to the local network via IIS (an explanation on that setup if people would like). I wanted to be able to see the Web Service through the network on my Mac. After numerous attempts I discovered all I had to do was just type in the local IP address of the PC on which the service was running, followed by the path in which the file was. For me, this turned out to be:

Imagine my excitement after hours of troubleshooting why the network wouldn’t resolve this IP address and suddenly it just works. Now, imagine my disappointment when I see the following page:

The service is only available from the local machine. After all that time, no payoff. Now I must find a suitable web provider that hosts .NET applications (careful, not every web host is capable of hosting .asmx pages) and go from there.

Hope this helps.