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Basketball Codes (ooweeoooh) Part 1 (of a billion)

Growing up playing organized (and often unorganized) basketball allowed me the chance to learn many lessons I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to. Looking back I see many similarities between playing basketball and writing code. This (hopefully recurring) series will attempt to tease out insights to be gained and applied to the professional world of software development.

One of the most lasting lessons that one of my coaches was fond to give us speeches about was along the lines of, “You may not be the most talented out there. You may not have the best jumpshots or be able to jump the highest. But you will be the most prepared and the most conditioned.”

I can’t attest to have learned this lesson immediately but it was reinforced time and again throughout high school and college. Not one time could I lay claim to being the smartest person in any of my classes but I always tried to work the hardest. Even now I’m far from being the most talented developer on our team but I try to remember these talks I had with my basketball coach. I’ve found working hard to be the only attribute in a person that even comes close to being an indicator of success.

Play good ball, write clean code, work hard at both.